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The English Truffle Company

Branding / Print for Truffle Hunters

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The English Truffle Company are truffle hunters who sell truffle products and offer truffle hunting experience days.

The Challenge

The company's founder approached us to redesign their logo for a stronger and more recognisable brand.

Our Approach

Initially the client was keen on something based around trees with a country life look and feel. After presenting a range of concepts we felt that our alternative concept based simply on a truffle was far stronger. We were asked to tweak the truffle illustration to remain stylised but be more accurate in appearance. We chose a traditional serif font for the company name used in uppercase to create a bold and contemporary yet classy and traditional look, and reflect the rare and luxurious nature of truffles.

The Results

The logo is confident but understated and is used in a stylish monotone. We created some business cards for a consistent brand experience and also mocked up some packaging just to show the client how the logo could work using a reflective gold effect for that extra special touch.

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