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Music of Life

Branding / Responsive Wordpress CMS Website for Charity for Young People with Disabilities

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Music of Life is a UK wide charity based in London, committed to providing young people, with special needs and disabilities, opportunities to benefit from the life-changing impact of high-quality music-making.

The Challenge

Music of Life approached us to redesign their logo and website to better demonstrate the impact their charity's work has on helping to improve the health and well-being of young people with disabilities, and to appeal more to their target audiences. The website also needed to be responsive to work on  tablet and mobile. They had a strict budget but needed a top quality site in order to attract further funders and patrons.

Our Approach

The brand logo needed to feel gentle, calm and life enhancing as well as being approachable and contemporary. Most importantly it needed to feel inclusive, and not aimed at a particular group, or particularly aimed at disabled people. It was also important that it could become a strong iconic emblem for the charity so it can also be used on t-shirts by staff and pupils at fundraising events.


We worked closely with their CEO and board of trustees to help them create an intuitive website which interweaves statistics, testimonials, student stories and photos throughout, to illustrate the impact of their work through storytelling. We decided to adapt a Wordpress off-the-shelf template for the base coding in order to save considerable time and development costs, so that we could focus on the front-end artwork by implementing a fully bespoke home page design and styling up selected page elements in order to keep fully on-brand with the new logo.

The Results

We produced a simple but strong and optimistic graphic logo that evokes feelings of happiness and sunshine. The organic shape of the circle gives a feeling of wholeness and is warm and inclusive. We used an uplifting yellow as the main colour but this can also be changed to any colour if needed without losing the core meaning or recognition.


The website is clean and fresh, inspiring and contemporary, and has been very well received by their board of trustees.

Ongoing Aims

We continue to provide support for Music of Life to help them promote their life-enhancing work.



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