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We specialise in superduper mobile responsive websites, logos, print work & character illustration for clients of all shapes & sizes!


Whether you want a stupendous illustration, an inspiring infographic for your campaign, a stylish content managed website, a mobile app to blow people's socks off, a beautifully elegant brochure, some stand off the shelf product packaging, an engaging e-newsletter, or just a logo and some business cards...

We will make something special - just for you - that you and your customers will love...

  • Logos & Branding >>

    Corporate Identity/Logo Design


    We love creating logos! Successful businesses know how important it is to communicate their unique tone of voice, attitudes, ethos and values to their customers. A good logo is an important part of doing this; it helps you stand out from your competitors and illustrates what makes you special.


    If you want to invest in a good logo then we'd love to help. Even if you already have a logo we can still help! If you feel your logo is no longer serving your needs we can refresh it or move it on so it fits with the evolving nature of your brand.


    Business Cards & Merchandise


    For a brand to build trust with its customers it's essential that all channels are speaking from the same place.


    This is where we can help with the design - from your logo and website, to business cards to company t-shirts, we can make sure you're communicating your message clearly and consistency whichever medium you are saying it in.

    Product & Packaging Design


    There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your logo and branding on your products sitting proudly on a shop shelf! The more your product stands out in the market the greater your chance of increased sales and customer loyalty.


    Boo&Stu can work closely with you to make sure we design something both you and your customers will love. From getting the perfect overall look and feel, to choosing the right fonts and colours, we make sure every aspect of your packaging gets the attention it deserves.


    Brand Guidelines


    When you've gone to so much effort to ensure your brand identity is saying exactly the right thing you want to make sure that it's style and attitude appear consistent across the board.


    This is where brand guidelines come in. Brand Guidelines are just a set of rules that makes sure you don't have to worry about not coming across as you. We can design a beautiful but easy to use document that makes the rules crystal clear to everyone.


From logos & corporate brand identity to product packaging & merchandise, we can help...

  • Web Design >>

    Web Design / User Interface Design


    Great web design inspires happy customers and can increase sales, sign-ups, enquiries and social shares.


    Boo&Stu specialise in designing beautiful graphical, innovative, intuitive and user-friendly websites - whether it's a simple portfolio website, a fully illustrated one-page scrolling site, a brochure site with an integrated blog, a content managed site (CMS), an online shop or a complex data-led application.


    With our Fine Art training and digital media expertise, we create highly engaging websites that not only look stunning, but combine dedicated planning and research with strong branding, and a firm understanding of web accessibility, usability and searchability. Our sites are designed to reflect your brand values, meet the needs of your target users, and truly make you stand out from your competitors.


    Responsive Web Design / Mobile & App Design


    More than half of people in the UK now access the web or email through their mobile devices and an estimated 40% will choose a mobile-friendly website over a non-responsive site. Google even prioritises mobile sites on mobile searches. So it's increasingly important your website is legible and easy to use on mobiles and tablets.


    We create websites that are designed and built to look great on all devices - from phone to desktop - and increase the chances of your customers being able to make the choices you'd like them to make. If you want an offline App for Android and/or Apple we can do that too.


    User Testing


    It's always best to test your site on real users as they may spot the finer details that can only come through real-world interaction, and help identify any stumbling blocks that could potentially stop users from getting in touch with you or buying your products.


    This can be done in an agile way so we can test page designs as we go, or for a more economical option we recommend testing the whole site once it is built. We can test pre-launch so we can make any tweaks to your text content, to improve the user experience or accessibility, or to make any calls to action more obvious. Or we can test post-launch, so we can complete further improvements at another stage, whenever you are ready.

    User Experience (UX) Design


    We started designing stupendous websites long before 'User Experience', 'UX' and 'Brand Storytelling' were marketing buzzwords! We have always put the user first and created websites that are carefully structured, visually engaging and quite frankly a joy to use. Our sites are designed to fulfill your customer's goals and encourage them to take the actions you want them to.


    If you need to take this further, we can liaise with our Associates to make sure you get the optimum results from your site. This can come early on in the planning stage in the form of wireframing, or during the design phase if you wish to work in a more agile way. We can also create personas that represent your target users, identify their specific needs and behaviours, and plan their user journeys.


    Email Design & Marketing


    Email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers, and telling them about your latest news or offers. We can design responsive promotional emailers with clear calls to action that your customers can view easily on their mobiles or tablets, and that tie in with your branding and website for a consistent user experience.


    Boo&Stu can design and build bespoke emailers as when needed, or set-up newsletter templates you can easily edit yourself through either an HTML editing program or through the leading email marketing services Mailchimp or CampaignMonitor. We can also help you create lists through your website data-capture for more targeted campaigns.


    Web Animation & Banner Ad Design


    Boo&Stu love a good bit of animation to liven up a website or banner!


    Flash is sadly becoming redundant, but we can still create simple animated gifs or banner ads, or work with specialists to fully animate either your whole site, or graphical elements for your site and videos.

From mobile responsive web design & user experience (UX) to email newsletters & banner ads, we can help...

  • Web Development >>

    Web Development & Coding


    With our design expertise and extensive web experience we work with our super team of Web Developers to build even the most complex of sites.


    Our Developers are based in Sussex and are experts in all the latest standards-compliant web technologies including; HTML5, XHTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, AJAX, MySQL & SQL Databases. This means we know our clients will get the best possible job, for the best value, whilst ensuring our bespoke designs are implemented to the highest standard and with the attention to detail that we demand.


    eCommerce & Database Integration


    We design and build eCommerce websites that are on brand, easy to use, with secure payment solutions so customers get the best experience possible and will want to come back again and again.


    You can upload your content easily in-house either using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or from a database file via Excel or Access.


    You can sell your products with the flexibility and control you require with a top choice of ecommerce facilities such as; WooCommerce, NopCommerce, Umbraco or Magento. Our Developers are also Sage Pay Registered Partners.


    Website Maintenance & Support


    We believe in looking after our clients so once your site is live we'll stick around to help you as and when needed.


    If your site uses a Content Managed System (CMS) we'll even include an hour long training session to make sure you hit the ground running. And if you ever need a refresher course or on-going advice we're more than happy to arrange whatever you need.


    All our CMS sites are backed up daily off-site for peace of mind and our Associate Developers can also provide a Support Package if you feel you need more updates or security checks.

    Content Management Systems (CMS) & Wordpress


    If you need a website that allows you to add in your own text and images or to update projects, blog posts, articles, news and/or events, we can set-up a simple, easy to use Content Management System (CMS).


    Wordpress has become the most popular CMS worldwide. We can design a completely bespoke design and plug it in to Wordpress, and add as much custom coding and plug-ins as needed to fit your exact requirements. If you need something that exceeds the capabilities of Wordpress we can build a completely bespoke CMS just for you.


    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    Boo&Stu know that a great new website is no good if no-one can find it. Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts you higher up in search engine rankings and the better the SEO, the higher you'll rank in searches on places like Google.


    All our websites include basic SEO as standard. If we are using Wordpress for your Content Management System (CMS) we can install the All-in-One SEO Pack so you have full control over your site's keywords and phrases for every page of your site. And if you feel like you need Pay-Per-Click, on-going or monthly SEO help, we can put you in touch with recommended specialists.

From database, content managed websites (CMS) & Wordpress to eCommerce & SEO, we can help...

  • Illustration & Infographics >>



    Boo&Stu seriously love illustrating! lllustrations have the ability to connect with your audience quickly and can make a lasting impression that could be the difference between a customer remembering you or you getting lost amongst your competitors.


    With our Fine Art training, we are really good at drawing. Whether it's a logo, poster, t-shirt, character design or infographic we're perfectly placed to make sure that you end up with illustrations that are memorable and eye-catching that will really make people talk (and hopefully make them smile too!).




    If you need to explain a complicated process in a simple and engaging way; or organise lots of facts and figures so that even a child can understand them, or explain a campaign in a visual and innovative way to encourage people to share on their social networks - then you need an infographic.


    We can find the story in your data and arrange it in an innovative way that will ensure your audience will easily understand it and will want to share it with the world.


    Or if you need some icons, diagrams or charts created we can do that too.

    Character Design


    We love cartoon characters! They're not just for kids though, they can be a great way to really bring your brand story to life and help you engage with your target audience, whatever their age.


    We're very experienced at creating characters for our clients, and we're very good at gauging what style or character would suit you and your customers, so if you want something really special and on-brand we're definitely the ones to talk to.


    Office Wall & Vehicle Artwork


    Your brand identity doesn't have to stop at a logo, website or brochure. Creating a visually inspiring office space will really impress your clients and can motivate your staff.


    From simple logo decals and window frosting to fully illustrated feature walls, we can help you bring your brand identity directly into your office space by creating bespoke office artwork.


    We can even bling up your company vehicles to get you noticed on the street!


From character design, diagrams & infographics to office wall art or vehichle wrapping, we can help...

  • Print Design >>

    Branded Stationary


    For a brand to build trust with its customers it's essential that all channels are speaking from the same place.


    This is where we can help - from your logo and website design, to business cards, letterheaded paper and merchandise, we can make sure you're communicating your message clearly and consistently whichever medium you are saying it in.


    Exhibition Displays & Banners


    We understand that exhibition spaces are about creating the right environment to communicate your brand message to your customers.


    We can design all types of exhibition boards, signs and banners, from simple visual displays to bespokely illustrated banners, that will stand out from the crowd at an event, while ensuring they are on brand for a consistent user experience.


    Brochures, Flyers & Posters


    Boo&Stu love creating websites, but despite the rise of the internet, we think a well designed brochure or flyer can still capture your customers imagination in a way the web can't.


    Whatever your print needs, we can create something attention grabbing that your customers will want to treasure and keep. Plus we can create digital documents to share by email or indeed on your website!


    Print Management


    You can't beat the excitement of receiving a box full of beautifully printed branded literature or merchandise.


    Whether you already have a favourite cost-effective online print provider, or a convenient high-quality local print house, we're more than happy to create print ready artwork for you to get printed yourself, or to find and liaise with our recommended printers to ensure your Boo&Stu design work comes out exactly how you'd expect it to.



From brochures, flyers & exhibition banners to stationary & merchandise, we can help...

  • Other Stuff >>

    And there's more...


    Boo&Stu specialise in creating stunning websites, branding, print work & illustration.




    We can also work with our close-knit team of super Associates, or help you to source other talented bods, so we can offer a fully integrated marketing service as part of your design project with Boo&Stu, if needed.

    We can help arrange:


    • Photography (from product shots to events)
    • Animation (from animated banners to animated sites)
    • Copywriting (from basic help to the full monty)
    • Video Production & Editing (for online or broadcast)
    • Typesetting / Typography (including for top Reports)
    • On-going Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing & Blogging
    • Advanced User Experience & Testing
    • Marketing & PR (for all your communication channels)
    • IT Services


From photography, animation & copywriting to social media PR & marketing, we can help here too...

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