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Humane Society International Infographic

Illustration / Print for Charity Campaign Infographic & Banner

Animal charity campaign infographic design

Humane Society International (HSI) are one of the largest animal welfare organisations in the world.

The Challenge

HSI United Kingdom asked us to create an infographic as part of their on-going campaign for humane rodent solutions, which needed to be downloaded online and also used for a printed handout and a pull-up banner for events.

Our Approach

The design brief was fairly open although we needed to work with HSI's existing brand guidelines especially for colours, and it needed to be laid out in clear sections to; Discourage, Prevent and Evict. We also referred to their existing text based leaflet to identify key actions and create clear visual icons.

The Results

After creating a tall infographic style layout HSI decided they wanted the guide to be printable on A4 paper, so we re-jigged the content to make it work in this new layout. The result is a detailed but clearly structured action plan that anyone can print at home.

Ongoing Aims

The infographic can be downloaded from their website and we continue to work with HSI UK on other campaign artwork and websites.


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