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Hounds Off are an organisation who specialise in offering support and advice to landowners affected by illegal hunt trespass.

The Challenge

Hounds Off asked us to redesign their website to be professional, mobile friendly and more successfully communicate their services to their target audience who are mostly farmers and landowners, but to also appeal to members of the public who want to report wildlife crime.

Our Approach

After researching the target market we felt that the website needed to have a clean feel of a charity website to look informative and trustworthy as a practical solution to farmers and landowners, but should make strong use of beautiful photos of wild animals to encourage empathy, compassion and respect for the animals too.


To tie in with the new website and move the brand on, we recommended that Hounds Off would also benefit from a complete re-brand. The client was particularly keen on having a logo that showed the fox peacefully sleeping rather than being chased, and that could be used creatively in their promotional materials, so we completely redesigned their existing fox logo, by making the fox itself simpler and more contemporary, and creating the wording in a new classy but clear font.

The Results

We have created an iconic visual logo that is recognisable, appealing and non-confrontational, and works well on merchandise including stickers, clothing and greetings cards. The responsive website is trustworthy, understated and easy-to-use, built by our Developers using Wordpress with additional custom coding as an easy-to-update Content Management System. The site has encouraged a great deal of shares and followers on Facebook and Twitter, far surpassing what we ever envisioned, and their window stickers are proving a massive success.

Ongoing Aims

We are currently creating more printed collatorel for Hounds Off and continue to help them manage the website when needed. We hope that they will become recognised throughout the UK as the No.1 resource to protect people from hunt trespass, and a positive alternative to the Countryside Alliance.



DR Solutions (Web development)


View the website at:

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"Boo&Stu have been able to absorb my ideas and crystalise my vision for the new-look website and redesigned the logo in a way which has gone above and beyond what I initially imagined. Whilst sharing ideas they have demonstrated patience, friendliness and a reassuring attention-to-detail. They have delivered exactly what I need in order to steer the ongoing creative process to the point where Hounds Off is represented in a way which makes me proud."


Hounds Off Founder

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Hounds Off charity website image

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