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Ensbury Vets are an established, traditional vets based in Bournemouth, Dorset who first opened their doors in the 1950s.

The Challenge

Ensbury Vets approached us to simplify and refresh their brand identity. Aggressive marketing and pricing from new start-up vets, corporates and online pharmacists meant they wanted to more actively market themselves to new clients. In order to do this successfully they felt their brand identity needed to look more professional and better reflect their core values, whilst taking care not to alienate themselves from existing customers.

Our Approach

In order to keep a sense of continuity, the main elements of a cross and a paw from the existing logo were kept. However these were re-imagined so the new logo feels more solid and contemporary, and so it works much better in a range of sizes as needed, as well as in reverse colours. The colour palette was simplified so it was more immediately recognisable and could work better across all brand touch points, from the website and social media, to signage and embroidered company uniforms.

The Results

The new logo keeps the recognisable elements from the previous logo to reassure existing customers, but feels much more direct and modern. It better reflects their core values by being cleaner, more professional and more clearly connected to their market. The icon can be used independently of the logo if needed and still retain a strong sense of brand identity, and the new typeface feels bolder but more trustworthy.

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