Content marketing – how far we have come

When I first entered the workforce I worked in a consultancy. I certainly learnt a lot but when I think back about the prevailing way of thinking in terms of knowledge and resources it was all about protecting it, securing your “IP” and of course charging a lot for it.

I guess the thinking was that it was our knowledge and expertise that represented our advantage in the market. So this is how things worked:

1. Our newsletters were hardcopy, mostly stories about clients and our business (no real helpful content)

2. Our website was basically a few pages all info about the business

3. There were no useful articles, or useful downloads etc, the newsletter wasn’t even on there

4. When we discovered something useful we would print it out and keep it in a folder for staff to discover

No doubt there are still a lot of businesses operating this way but there are some that operate in exactly the opposite. I like to think my business is one of those.

I have really gone in for this content marketing thing because I love the fact that other people can share in what you are learning. It seems like such a waste to spend so much time and effort learning something and then just keep it to yourself.

Here’s just one example. I’ve spent 10 hours is week going through James Shramko’s Traffic Grab which is a set of videos that gives a comprehensive outline of how to get more website traffic, everything from word of mouth to Facebook to SEO. Sure I’ll be building what I have learnt into products for my business but I’ll also create stacks of blog posts, articles, videos, downloads etc that I will share with whoever wants to listen via my blogs.

But there’s more!

It’s not even enough to build up the resources on your own site. If you are going to succeed at content marketing you need to do away with that old school attitude altogether. Writing a great report and offering it to people via your blog if they join your newsletter is not enough. Content needs to be shared in wider areas if you are going to get in front of enough eyeballs. Examples could include:

  • Putting some of your best posts on other people’s blogs
  • Putting your videos on YouTube
  • Putting a podcast up on iTunes

These are just a few examples and isn’t it great that if you have the right attitude and great content that you can spread it over the web and get in front of so many people. Help them learn and benefit from what you know.

And the kicker? It’s great for SEO and great for building authority in your market.

I’ll be talking a lot more about content marketing over the next few months.

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