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Asgard IT

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Asgard IT are a new company specialising in providing high quality Access Database solutions and Visual Basic for Applications training.

The Challenge

Asgard IT's unique training approach is centred around their clients' real world IT challenges and offers bespoke IT solutions which complement the training itself. They pride themselves on their unrivalled expertise in their field and their friendly, traditional service. They approached us to create their new brand logo.

Our Approach

We chose to reference the Viking aspect of the name by utilising the ancient Valknut symbol of 3 interlocking triangles, while at the same time giving it a softer feel to make it feel much less aggressive.

The Results

The interlocking nature of the shapes of the logo suggest the integrated nature of both Asgard IT's database systems, and their service which combines bespoke training with database solutions and support. In a nice quirk, in Viking mythology the Valknut symbol also relates to birth or rebirth - which we felt was quite apt for a new business.

Ongoing Aims

We continue to collaborate with the Director Ben Kaye on other projects.

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"Any attempt to properly describe Boo&Stu's passion, creativity and professionalism must necessarily result in hyperbole. The whole process has been an unmitigated joy. Take my advice – don’t go anywhere else."

Ben Kaye

Asgard IT Director

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