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CRuelty Free InternationAl Infographic

Illustration / Print for Charity Timeline Infographic & Banner

Animal charity campaign infographic design

Cruelty Free International, who recently merged with The BUAV, are the only global organisation working solely to end animal testing for cosmetics and consumer products.

The Challenge

Cruelty Free International have been campaigning for a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in Europe for many years and this ban was finally implemented on 11th March 2013. They wanted to mark and promote this event by producing an infographic describing the timeline of their journey - from The BUAV's formation in 1898 to the ban date - with a forward message indicating future aims. The infographic needed to be used in promotional print materials as well as being part of an online campaign.

Our Approach

The brief was fairly open and it was great to have been allowed free reign over the design. As the rabbit is the main mascot of Cruelty Free International, and as rabbits are one of the animals most commonly used in animal experiments, we chose to represent the timeline as a rabbit warren. We used this as a device so the viewer starts the journey at the deepest, darkest point of the burrow with the founding of the campaign, and ends at the top with the rabbits emerging into the light at the date of the ban. The finished timeline is also reminiscent of a test-tube rack.

The Results

We absolutely loved creating this infographic, and the client was really pleased with the finished piece. As well as forming the centrepiece of their web based promotion of the ban at the time of the campaign, it continues to be used in printed banners and as a leaflet at events.

Ongoing Aims

This artwork continues to be handed out on leaflets at events and we continue to work with Cruelty Free International on various other campaigns.

Animal charity campaign infographic design

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