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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use a Blog

It’s 2021 and if you haven’t started blogging yet, this is the year you should make a change, by not blogging your business is missing an important opportunity to communicate with existing customers, or even an opportunity to generate new leads. Whether you’re an online travel agent or a portal recommending the best free spins deals, an online blog is a fantastic opportunity to add a new marketing tool to your online strategy.

One of the main reasons businesses steer away from creating a blog is because they think it’ll take too much time to maintain. This is a myth. Many businesses post as little one post monthly and whilst those who post regular may reep rewards, a blog can be a great benefit, even for infrequent or inconsistent posters.

For those of you who are still sitting on the fence, by the end of this article we aim to help you firmly plant your feet on the side of blogging. Without further ado, let’s kick off our five point list.

Formality: Somewhere between casual and formal

Often a business will have a message to communicate but will feel a post on their actual webpages is too formal and that the message, whilst important isn’t so important.

This is where a blog post can be used to fill the gap. It’s a place where a company can really express personality and adapt their tone to their customers, taking up as much, or as little space as needed.

For when social media is insufficient

Social media has its place and there should never be a question of either or when it comes to blogging and social media. Instead a blog should be used as a powerful accompaniment to social media.

To create a match made in heaven, a social media posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook can be used to summarise the message, with further detail being linked to on the blog. This is a great strategy to not only communicate your message effectively, but also to funnel your customers onto your website.

For web traffic

Most businesses rely on or benefit from traffic coming from the major search engines. Maintaining a healthy blog, with relevant, quality content can be a great ticket towards success with the search engines. Google will love it if you regularly produce good quality, useful content and will reward you by showcasing it to their vast audience.

For interaction

The structure of a blog isn’t set in stone. It’s generally expected that a blog will be a collection of short posts, but in truth it can be whatever you want.

Therefore, depending on the platform you use, it would could be very easy to host quizzes, post images or any number of interactive features.

Interaction is great, visitors love it and if you communicate correctly, you will gain customers.

To Answer Questions

The beauty of a blog is that there’s no limit to how much content you can host. Whilst you may consider it important to keep the content of your main website concise and focussed, a blog can answer any and all questions that your visitors may have.

This should be a great opportunity for you to think of anything and everything your customers have ever asked and prepare an answer to all of the queries.  You’ll be able to thank yourself when your visitors convert into customers.

We hope we’ve now shown you that a blog can be a very versatile tool for your business which will soon become a great asset.

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